Ref..: 342859
Uploaded: 14/02/2017
Performed: 29/12/1899
Distance in Km: 94.22
Climb in m: 1620
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Artesa, Onda

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Climbs > 10%

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No signaficative slopes with this filters > 10%

Description of the route

Presence of ramps Km

   15% - 30%
 10% - 15%
   5% - 10%
   1% - 5%
   1% - -1%
 -1% - -5%
   -5% - -10%
   -10% - -15%
   -15% - -30%

How long would it take you?

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 Detected activity type =  Track dibujado (DRW)
 Penalization due to track conditions: 45 %   ( > 50 % = MTB, < 50 % = RDB)
 Reliability of the track: B   (1620/68/0/-/-/68)
 Correction level applied to the track: 0
IBP = 98 BYC

 Total Distance: 94.224 Km
 Analysed distance: 94.224 Km
 Linear distance: 0.008 Km

 Cumulated positive ramps: 1620.03 m  list of points info
 Cumulated negative ramps: 1633.43 m
 Maximum height: 968.8 m
 Minimum height: 164.8 m
 Climbing Ratio: 4.35 %
 Descent ratio: 4.11 %
 Cumulated postive ramps per Km: 17.19 m
 Cumulated negative ramps per Km: 17.34 m

 Total time: --- h
 Time in movement: --- h     your time: faltan datos 
 Stopped time: --- h
 Maximum slope filter: ~30 %
 Minimum separation analysed: ~30 m
 Number of points: 5891   (cad. 15.99 m)
 Significant waypoints: 2330   (cad. 40.44 m / 39.55 %)

 Changes in direction per Km: 7.34
 Changes in direction > 5º por Km: 5.09
 Cumulated straight stretches: 27.927 Km
 Straight stretches per Km: 296.39 m
 Penalized slope changes: 12
 Penalized slope changes per Km: 0.127

 Average speed in total: 0 Km/h
 Average speed while moving: 0 Km/h     your speed: faltan datos 
 Maximum sustained speed: 0 Km/h

Parameters at height

 Height in  Distance Km.  % of the total  Time in movement  Speed  Stopped time  Total time  Total speed
Total:  0 Km            


 Milestone  Stopped time  Height in m  T. from starting point  Time of the previous stop  Distance to the previous stop
Total:  0:00:00 h        


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