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Sus fotografías y videos

Cape Town rooftop soccer (RNG) 2019-03-22

Table Mountain and Signall Hill; amazing (BTT) 2019-03-22

Back in the Mother City! ?? (BTT) 2019-03-19

Night ride (Carretera) 2019-03-11

Sunday morning with Guido (Carretera) 2019-03-11

Barcelona (Barcelona) (RNG) 2019-03-01

Back and forth (Carretera) 2019-02-26

Hike with mum! (RNG) 2019-02-26

Picking up mum from the airport! (Carretera) 2019-02-24

Beach run at Castelldefels (RNG) 2019-02-24

Quickie before uni (Carretera) 2019-02-21

Rat Penat (Carretera) 2019-02-18

Sunset ride (BTT) 2019-02-15

Sunday coffee ride with mr. Guido (Carretera) 2019-02-13

Running, accepting awesome job, running, quick swim and running. ... (RNG) 2019-02-10

Barcelona (Barcelona) (BTT) 2019-02-10

Birthday hike with my girl ?? (RNG) 2019-02-02

I don't think the weather can get brighter ? (Carretera) 2019-01-27

Beautiful hike!! (RNG) 2019-01-27

I fully support the taxi demonstrations: no cars on Gran Vía?? (RNG) 2019-01-25

Unexpected improvised sunset ride (BTT) 2019-01-22

Night riding again (Carretera) 2019-01-16

Going for a swim and a burger (RNG) 2019-01-08

Back on the bike in beautiful Catalunya (Carretera) 2019-01-06

Aan de Amsterdamse Grachteeeee (RNG) 2019-01-03

Marle ?? (RNG) 2018-12-31

Paris ?? (RNG) 2018-12-26

Awesome weather (Carretera) 2018-12-24

Gooooodmorning Barcelonaaaa (BTT) 2018-12-21

Incredible. (RNG) 2018-12-19

Now this is proper hiking (RNG) 2018-12-16

Barcelona (Barcelona) (Carretera) 2018-12-01

Finally time for a nice ride again (Carretera) 2018-11-26

Nice run towards the Olympic Pool and back (RNG) 2018-11-16

Giving a tour through wonderful Catalunya, beautiful day! (Carretera) 2018-11-14

Awesome weather (RNG) 2018-11-11

Short Triathlon: Ride ? (Carretera) 2018-11-09

Short Triathlon: Run ???? (RNG) 2018-11-09

Barcelona (Barcelona) (RNG) 2018-11-09

Nice morning ride (Carretera) 2018-11-04

City walk (RNG) 2018-11-04

Just in time to enjoy the sunset (Carretera) 2018-11-02

Off road in the dark: a whole new sport for me!! Cold but awesome (BTT) 2018-10-31

Montserrat + Estenalles: amazing autumn blockbuster ride (BTT) 2018-10-28

Waking up (BTT) 2018-10-22

Wonderful hike that turned into an awesome trail run (RNG) 2018-10-22

Couple of hours outside the city never hurts (BTT) 2018-10-19

Tibidabo hike <3 (RNG) 2018-10-10

Nice ride with mr. JP, good diner and then a quick night climb on... (BTT) 2018-10-03

El Garraf ? (BTT) 2018-10-01

????Figueres - Perpignan: amazing roads and incredible scenary! (Carretera) 2018-09-25

????Perpignan - Cadaqués - Figueres: Epic coast road along beauti... (BTT) 2018-09-25

Suffering & reached 100.000+ elevation in 2018 ? (BTT) 2018-09-21

Hike, walk, run; a little bit of everything with even some sights... (RNG) 2018-09-16

Despite the 8kg backpack this was simply a beauty of a ride!! (Carretera) 2018-09-12

Gota fria (RNG) 2018-09-10

360k solo completed?? | Barcelona - Valencia in 14 hours?? | Dona... (Carretera) 2018-09-06

Montgat (Carretera) 2018-09-02

Magical sunrise ride from sea level up to the 1900m+ top of the E... (Carretera) 2018-08-29

Tennis again with my girl! (RNG) 2018-08-28

??Chased by thunder and rain: that was a spectacular ride???? (Carretera) 2018-08-24

Keeping the legs awake after the Pyrenees (BTT) 2018-08-18

????2nd Pyrenees Solo???? Day 5: Legs are burning but man, what a... (Carretera) 2018-08-16

??2nd Pyrenees Solo???? Day 3: Up to Tourmalet and down into the ... (Carretera) 2018-08-14

??2nd Pyrenees Solo???? Day 4: These cols received the wrong name... (BTT) 2018-08-14

??2nd Pyrenees Solo???? Day 1: So, so, so wonderful (Carretera) 2018-08-13

????2nd Pyrenees Solo???? Day 2: Another fantastic ride in perfec... (Carretera) 2018-08-13

To Blanes, quite hot (Carretera) 2018-08-06

Only goalkeeping this time, but more intense then yesterday. Awes... (RNG) 2018-08-04

Hot. (Carretera) 2018-07-28

El Prat, Sant Climent and then up to Tibidabo with good company! (Carretera) 2018-07-25

Con señor Jose (Carretera) 2018-07-19

To Girona with a nice detour via La Costa Brava (Carretera) 2018-07-15

Hike <3 (RNG) 2018-07-11

Great lunch with great people in Badalona, beach time and back to... (Carretera) 2018-07-09

MAGICAL ? (Carretera) 2018-07-06

Barcelona (Barcelona) (Carretera) 2018-07-02

Montgat (Carretera) 2018-07-01

Chillings at the beach (RNG) 2018-06-28

Battling El Garraf once again; what a beautiful day of cycling (BTT) 2018-06-25

Yes, this is BCN at its best (BTT) 2018-06-23

BBQ time (Carretera) 2018-06-19

Let's try running again (RNG) 2018-06-17

Bro's ride (Carretera) 2018-06-11

100k of suffering, pushing my average a bit further; awesome day (BTT) 2018-06-10

1.5 years in BCN; yet every ride still feels like I'm on holidays... (BTT) 2018-06-05

Barcelona (Barcelona) (Carretera) 2018-06-02

Some relaxed reading and speeding up my ascending speed (Carretera) 2018-05-30

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